Spring Football

REGISTRATION is CLOSED for Spring Football 2021.

Hi Football players! We are excited about this season.

Spring football is a great opportunity to hone your skills and prepare our team for success.

It is also great if you are new to football because it gives you a quick, inexpensive way to try the sport.


The 2021 dates are March 23- April 16 for Varsity and Middle School.

Spring is practice only, no games.

Practice will be in the Georgetown area Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

[*Please note the slight change in days--GTown is closing the fields on Mondays, so we are sliding everything by one day]

We will not practice on Friday, April 2 (Good Friday).


The cost for spring football is $95.


Athletes who attend home school, charter school, or private school where tackle football is not offered are welcome. High school is for ages 14-18 on September 1. Middle School is for ages 11-13 (on September 1).

*Please note- Virtual Learning through an ISD, K12, etc. is not considered "home school" according to our league.

** High school eligibility is for four consecutive years. So if a player begins his high school career at age 14 he'll be eligible for ages 14-17.


We were not able to hold Spring Camp in 2020, so our Fall Season of 2020 was our first experience of implementing COVID-19 procedures/protocols. This did require more work on our Coaches/Leadership/Parents/Athletes, but seemed to be worth it. We were blessed to be able to have an entire Cheer/Football Season with healthy Athletes! We will continue with the safeguards we have in place: COVID-19 Affidavits signed by all Parents/Athletes, Daily Pre-Practice Screening for all Athletes and Coaches (this consists of questioning Athletes as to whether or not they have any specific COVID symptoms, plus a temperature check; Coaches self-screen), no sharing of water/snacks (Athletes MUST bring their own), and sanitizing equipment at the end of each practice. Since both Cheer and Football are TEAM Sports, we cannot guarantee social distancing. When possible, the Coaches do have them spread out and distance. The Coaches definitely want to keep all Athletes healthy as well. :)

What to Bring:

No water will be provided. Please bring at least 1 gal per person.

Sign Up:

The sign up deadline is March 8th.


Contact Melissa Horinka for details:

512-300-4098 // WilcoFalconsAD@gmail.com


  1. Fill out the online registration as soon as possible (it's very likely that our roster will fill up).

  2. Make an equipment fitting appointment here:

  3. Print/Complete all 5 forms located at the bottom of this page and bring to Equipment Fitting.

  4. Pay $95 to Melissa Horinka when you come for fitting (checks made payable to: WILCO FOOTBALL).
    If you'd like to make your payment online, please use this link:
    (link has been removed as registration is CLOSED)

  5. Get your practice equipment (practice pants, practice jersey, cleats, 1 gallon water bottle, 2 mouth guards).

Equipment Return/Cleaning

Professional Equipment Cleaning is included in your Spring Football cost. Helmet (with chin strap), shoulder pads and wrist bands (if applicable) will be collected at the end of the last practice on April 16. If you do not attend on April 16, it is your responsibility to get your equipment to the field on that day for collection.

What You Need to Purchase:

Here is what you will need to play spring football that you buy yourself:

  • practice pants (white) with pads and belt

  • practice jersey (white)

  • 1 gallon water jug

  • 2 mouth guards

  • cleats

In general, these items should last a couple of years.

We will supply helmet and shoulder pads. We get these back at the end of spring.

Here is some information about purchasing and caring for equipment. http://www.wilcofootball.org/equipment

Get Ready for Some Fun!

If you enjoy tackle football, it is going to be a lot of fun!