Equipment problems

If you are missing equipment, have questions about equipment, or you have a problem with your equipment, talk to Craig or Melissa Horinka.

Places that Sell Football Equipment

        -->    Call first to see if they have what you need!!!    <--


What you will need for spring ball
  • football cleats. 
    • Short ones for dry hard surfaces, longer cleats are better for wet rainy fields
    • you don't have to buy two pair
    • blue or black only
  • practice pants. 
    • Slot pants or pants that have built in pads. 
    • practice jersey, buy the size of your shoulder pads. 
    • Buy WHITE practice pants and jersey! For practice pants follow the information for "Game Pants" but just order white.
  • TWO mouth guards. 
    • One that will stay attached to your football helmet and one back up that will be with you at practice. 
    • Follow the directions on the package to fit your mouth.
    • For practice it is up to you what kind, color, style of socks you wear:)
    • wear a t-shirt or an under Armour shirt under your shoulder pads at practices. 
What you will need for FALL ball 
(you will also need what you need for spring ball:)
    • Long NAVY BLUE socks for games, they must go to the knee and be NAVY.  
    • You will need to order your game pants from Epic Sports ---                                                                                                                                  
    • You need your  game pants by August 1st so order right away, so sizes don't run out (and they do!)                                                The kind you will need to order  are "Terminator Football Game Pants, with built in pads" color is NAVY.
    • For game pants follow the instructions for size.  Make sure you order Youth or Adult depending you your child (usually you order the same size that your child wears for shorts).  
  • Uniform washing instructions:
  1. Take pads out of pants prior to washing (if you wash them in the machine you will ruin them, only if you have the kind that they come out).
  2. Pre-treat grass and mud stains with Shout.
  3. Wash white articles in warm water with mild detergent.
  4. Wash dark articles in cold water with mild detergent.
  5. Hang game jersey and game pants to dry.  DO NOT put them in the dryer!
  6. Rinse pant pads off with mild detergent and water and put outside to dry

Helmet Care

See attachments below

Guardian Football Helmet Covers

Some parents have asked us about wearing a helmet cover during practice to reduce the chance of concussions.  We have done some research and believe that these covers do not add much to the safety of our players because we are already using top of the line helmets that have an air cushion and an excellent fitting technology.  The covers will add some weight to the helmet and therefore could cause neck strain.

If you do decide to purchase one for your player, please purchase a back one.

Game Socks

For games we want either knee high socks or leggings.  Navy blue, of course.

Practice Jerseys

Buy a white practice jersey.  If you already own one, it might be okay if it is not white.   We’ll see how it goes in practice.  We need to be able to distinguish between offense and defense during practices and we do that with orange helmet covers.  Too much color will defeat the purpose.

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