Spring Cheer Camp

VARSITY: ages 14-18

MIDDLE SCHOOL: ages 11-13

DAINTY: ages 7-10

Cost: $67

Registration and payment is due no later than March 2nd.

Registration after March 2nd is subject to availability.


TIME: Varsity, Middle School & Dainty time is: 5PM-7:30PM

DATES: Tuesday/Thursday

March 23-April 15, 2021

LOCATION: McMaster Football Field

101 WL Walden Drive Georgetown, TX


Athletes who attend home school, charter school, or private school where tackle football is not offered are welcome.

*Please note- Virtual Learning through an ISD, K12, etc. is not considered "home school" according to our league.


1.) Complete Online Registration

2.) Print/complete ALL 6 forms (found at the bottom of this page) and mail with payment to:

Stephanie Myska

1903 Buckeye Lane, Round Rock, TX 78664


Alternatively, if you'd like to make your payment online, you may do so at:

(payment link has been removed as REGISTRATION is no longer open)

[The link is only good for one Cheerleader at a time, so multiple transactions will be necessary if you have more than one Cheerleader.

This includes a 4% Credit Card processing fee. Paperwork still needs to be mailed to Stephanie at above address]


We were not able to hold Spring Camp in 2020, so our Fall Season of 2020 was our first experience of implementing COVID-19 procedures/protocols. This did require more work on our Coaches/Leadership/Parents/Athletes, but seemed to be worth it. We were blessed to be able to have an entire Cheer/Football Season with healthy Athletes! We will continue with the safeguards we have in place: COVID-19 Affidavits signed by all Parents/Athletes, Daily Pre-Practice Screening for all Athletes and Coaches (this consists of questioning Athletes as to whether or not they have any specific COVID symptoms, plus a temperature check; Coaches self-screen), no sharing of water/snacks (Athletes MUST bring their own), and sanitizing equipment at the end of each practice. Since both Cheer and Football are TEAM Sports, we cannot guarantee social distancing. When possible, the Coaches do have them spread out and distance. The Coaches definitely want to keep all Athletes healthy as well. :)

For more information contact: Stephanie Myska at stephanie.myska@gmail.com /512-739-7988

How to dress for CHEER CAMP

  • Tennis shoes (if you have cheer shoes please wear them)

  • Hair should be neatly pulled back away from eyes

  • No-show socks

  • Comfy t-shirt & shorts with compression shorts under it--clothes that can stretch

  • If cold, dress in sweats and jacket

  • 1/2- 1 gallon of water to drink and a snack-- NO water/snack will be provided

  • NO jewelry of any kind

General Rules for Camp

  • No talking, texting or use of electronic devices during camp. Cell phones MUST be put up and there will be no exceptions.

  • Come dressed and ready to cheer.

  • Please use the restroom BEFORE practice starts.

  • MUST be in tennis shoes, NO flip flops or other types of shoes (due to safety reason if proper shoes are not worn your daughter will NOT be able to practice).

  • Be respectful to all coaches, peers and follow the rules.

  • check website for any cancellations