Conflict Resolution

No one is going to be able to follow this 100%. But its a great goal to shoot for.

1. If you have an issue, before contacting anyone, please read Matthew 18, and ask God to help you follow His plan for conflict resolution

2. If a problem arises between your athlete and their coach, please encourage your child to politely discuss their concerns with their coach at an appropriate time.

3. It may be appropriate, in some instances, for you as a parent to talk with the coach.

4. Always properly supervise your younger children at Falcons games and practices.

5. Always conduct yourself in a Christ-like manner during any Falcons events. This includes refraining from giving your opinion to officials about the way the games are being called!

6. Be supportive of all of our athletes, even those who may have beaten your child out for more playing time.

7. Refrain from discussing coaching decisions with other parents in the stands, and also with your kids. We need to teach our kids to respect the authorities God has placed over their lives. It starts with us modeling respect to our kids.

8. Enjoy the Falcons experience! Pray for your kid's coaches and teammates. Be inclusive to all families. Pray for each others needs. Watch your kids develop in skill and Godly character during their season!