What is six man football?

Six-man football is a variation of 11-man tackle football. It tends to be a faster paced game with high scores. Because of the difficulty of covering the entire field, punts are rare and on-side kicks are common.1

The rules are the same as 11-man football with several exceptions. The major ones are listed here.

1. The ball cannot be advanced on a run until a second exchange is made (the first exchange being the snap from center).

2. All players are eligible to catch a forward pass.

3. 1st downs are 15 yards instead of 10.

4. The attempt after touchdown is reversed – 2 points for a kick, 1 point for a run or pass.

5. Field goals count 4 points.

6. The field is smaller (80 yards x 40 yards).

7. If either team is leading by 45 points at half time or in the 2nd half, the game is ended immediately.

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