Parent Volunteers

Why do our parents volunteer for 25 hours each season?

Volunteering is a way to be part of something bigger than all of us.

At the end of the day, the Falcons are part of a movement away from state controlled education toward parent controlled education. Our members are choosing to control their child’s education by either home schooling, private schooling, or choosing a charter school. In this they are part of something big that God is doing.

Now each of us is playing a small part in the Falcons and of course, the Falcons are only a small part of this movement. But in the providence of God, we are approaching it by faith. And by faith we can move mountains.

Volunteering for the Falcons is fun, rewarding, and a great way to build relationships.

Volunteering is fun. You’ll build great friendships with other volunteers and get to know some great people. You’ll be directly involved in an exciting ministry that will make you smile years from now when you are old and sitting in your rocking chair. It is a tremendous blessing to the players and cheerleaders to see their parents going above and beyond to not only provide financially for the opportunity to play or cheer, but to also actively participate in making it happen.

Volunteer hours are necessary.

Each year the Falcons serve one hundred young football players and cheer leaders (and their families) by providing a wholesome Christian environment for developing lifelong friendships while enjoying football and cheer leading. Running practices and games for an entire season requires over 2000 hours. All of this work is done by unpaid volunteers.

Volunteer hours keep costs low.

Since the beginning of our program, inspired by the home school community’s educational co-ops, we have spread the work that needs to be done by requiring everyone to pitch in who is benefitting from the program. Even with this co-op mentality, our expenses average $45,000 per year. If we stop relying on volunteers, we’ll need to spend $80,000 per year or more.

Volunteer hours are flexible and come in many shapes and sizesIt is okay for anyone in the family fourteen and older to fulfill hours. There are also a number of ways to arrange your hours so they are most convenient for you. Some jobs can be done in the background and even during the off season. Some jobs can be done during the games your son or daughter is at and you can be on the field with them. Other jobs can be done during games that your son or daughter is not at so that you can in turn relax and watch them during their games.

Volunteer hours are manageable. You can do it.

25 hours seems like a lot. But spread out over an entire season, it amounts to about one and a half hours per week. Where else can you spend an hour or two and have a greater impact while having so much fun? Thanks for volunteering!