Policies and Rules

The following policies and rules are provided as guidelines only and do not include all of the policies and rules of the Williamson County Home School Football program (Wilco Football). Wilco Football’s board of directors (board) will have the final say in all matters related to this ministry.


Participating in Wilco Football is open to qualified students who are currently being home educated or are going to a private or charter school that does not offer tackle football.

Participating athletes and their families are responsible for knowing these policies and rules. Parents and participating athletes are required to read these polices and rules and agree to adhere to them.


Players must be younger than 19 years of age prior to September 1st of the year of participation. Players who have graduated high school are not eligible to participate in this athletic program.


We believe that it is possible to have healthy social interaction and mature Christian relationships. For the protection of our families, our Christian fellowship, and our testimony within the community, it is vital that we exercise ourselves with godliness at all times and adhere to moral purity. It is our expectation that at all Wilco Football activities, the behavior between singles of the opposite sex will be above reproach by avoiding the appearance of wrongdoing.


Attendance at all games is a priority for this family focused ministry.

If for some reason, parents are unable to attend an entire practice or game, they should be prompt in picking up their son when the practice or game is over.

Behavior at Athletic Events

For the sake of our young people, it is important that we all rise above the typical competitive sports atmosphere that tends to stir up and encourage a negative response toward opponents. Instead, let us encourage one another in love; may our desire be to build up EVERY person on EVERY team. This behavior applies to our players and coaching staff as well as spectators (parents, family, and friends).

Parental Involvement

We are excited that your son wants to be part of our football program. Although most of our lives can be very busy, we are hopeful and confident that you will support your son by attending as many games as possible. Wilco Football’s staff is working hard to schedule games and will give these schedules and any changes that may occur to you as soon as possible, so that you can make arrangements to attend.

We plan on having various fundraising activities to benefit the program and want to thank you in advance for your time and dedication to these events.

You are the key to your son’s future, and putting your son in our program is a small part of investing into his future.

* This is a summary of the complete Policy and Rules which needs to be signed as part of the registration process.

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