Peter Helfrich

Peter is the only one of our coaches with first hand knowledge of six-man football. He will be relied upon heavily. He is a very articulate young man with a passion for the game of football. The players will respond well to him as someone close to their age who is a little bit older and has been where they are hoping to go.

His promise to every player: you will get in shape!

Playing Experience

  • Played 6-man football for 5 yearsPlayed quarterback, line backer and running back.

  • Started his Junior year at quarterback and played defense as well in most of each game

  • Junior year highlights: 38 touch downs, leading rusher, team offensive MVP, Ironman tournament offensive MVP.


  • Attends home church with family

  • Parents: Chris and Paula

  • Brothers: Erich (21), Ben (16), CJ (7)

  • Owns and runs his own landscaping business

  • Has been home schooled since 7th grade