Dynamic Stretching Routine

  1. Easy Jog one lap

  2. Hurdle stretch

  3. Snatch squat

  4. Neck rotations

  5. Lawn mowers

  6. Wind mills

  7. Walking high knees

  8. Walking butt kicks

  9. Easy groin stretch

  10. Carioca

  11. Running high knees

  12. Running butt kicks

  13. Hip rolls

  14. Back pedal

  15. Manly skipping

  16. Lunges with torso twist

  17. Backward lunges

  18. Walking C-skips

  19. Walking Straight Legs high kicks

  20. Groin stretch

  21. Easy Jog one lap


Goal of dynamic stretching is to warm up the muscles and loosen up the muscles. Imagine a piece of well chewed gum. Take it out of your mouth and you will be able to stretch it. Put it in the freezer for 15 minutes and it will break if you try to stretch it. Using your muscles cold is like that.

Static stretching has been shown to decrease athletic performance. It should only be done for some athletes on select muscles where they are having specific problems.




Hurdle stretch

  • This is actually a squat with a slide as if you were going under a bar laterally.

  • It is not the classic runner’s hurdle stretch you do on the ground. That is a static stretch.

Snatch squat


Running high knees

Running butt kicks

Lunges with torso twist

  • Slow and easy

  • Concentrate on form not speed

  • Do this near the end

Backward lunges

  • Slow and easy

  • Concentrate on form not speed

  • Do this near the end

Walking Straight Legs high kicks

  • This focuses on the hamstrings which are easy to pull and should be done near the end

Groin stretch

  • Do not hold

  • Do not bounce

  • Take it easy – no pain