Coaching Philosophy

We will develop manly virtues. The manly virtues we hope to develop are taking responsibility, respect for authority, hard work, discipline, toughness, and a competitive spirit.

We will place honor above glory. We will strive as an organization to place honor above glory. That is true of coaches, parents, assistants, boosters, and players. Here are just a few ways we will do that: Keeping our word and our commitments. Playing by the rules and not playing dirty. Being more concerned about who’s name we represent (Jesus Christ’s) then about the score.

We will foster a team approach. Football is a team sport and we want every

player to realize that no single player can win by himself. Every player contributes. We want to help them see that this translates into other areas of their lives including their families, churches, and careers.We will coach the whole player. God created us with heart, soul, strength, and intellect. In fact, He wants us to love him with all of these aspects of ourselves. When we are 100% committed to something and we use all aspects of our being, we will be much more successful. Our goal will be 100% effort on every play by every player and coach. We will teach the players to use their brains as well as their bodies. We will encourage them to play with heart no matter how talented they are, but especially if they are gifted.

We will coach every player. We will work with every player to develop his football skills and character. We will also schedule Junior Varsity games and play back-ups as often as we can in non-competitive games.

We will have fun. Football is fun! It can be hard work, but it should still be fun. We'll try to make sure every player has a good experience and wants to return next year.