Spring Football

Hi Football players!  We are excited about this season.  

Spring football is a great opportunity to hone your skills and prepare our team for success.  It is also great if you are new to football because it gives you a quick, inexpensive way to try the sport.


The dates are March 19 - April 12 for Varsity and Jr. High.  Spring is practice only, no games.  

Practice will be in at Georgetown Parks and Rec area Mon/Tue/Thursday from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  

We will not practice on March 29.


The cost for spring football is $95 for high school and $75 for JH.


Athletes who attend home school, charter school, or private school where tackle football is not offered are welcome.  High school is for ages 15-18 (on September 1).  Jr High is for ages 11-14 (on September 1).  

What to Bring:

No water will be provided. Please bring at least 1/2 gal each per person.

Sign Up:

The sign up deadline is March 18.  Registration after the 3rd will be accepted depending on the equipment availability.
Contact Melissa Horinka for details.    512 300 4098    veryblessedmomx3@gmail.com

  1. Fill out the online registration as soon as possible even if you are still tentative.
  2. Make an equipment fitting appointment at this link.
  3. Fill out the right forms.
  4. Pay $75 or $95 to Melissa Horinka when you come for fitting. (checks made out to WILCO FOOTBALL)
  5. Get your practice equipment (practice pants, practice jersey, cleats, 1/2 gallon water bottle, 2-mouth guards).
Equipment Return and Cleaning Day

Equipment return and cleaning is on Wednesday, April 18th at 9AM.  Mark this date in your calendar now.  This is mandatory.  However, there are four options.

Option 1: Return your equipment on the Equipment Return and Cleaning Day and help us take care of the equipment.  This is the preferred option and is the best for our team to be successful.  You will be responsible for cleaning your own equipment plus helping with the overall process.

Option 2: Drop your equipment off before Equipment Return and Cleaning Day and pay $25.  We will find a volunteer and give them the money to clean your equipment.

Option 3: Drop your equipment off after Equipment Return and Cleaning Day and pay $100.  This is the least preferred option because it causes the team a lot of work to clean and store equipment piece meal.  Please don't select this option.  But to be fair to our volunteers, if you fail to choose options 1 or 2, there will be no exceptions to the $100 fee.

What You Need to Purchase:

Here is what you will need to play spring football that you buy yourself:

  • Practice pants with pads and belt
  • Practice jersey (white)
  • ½ gallon water jug
  • 2-Mouth guard
  • Cleats

In general, these items should last a couple of years. 

We will supply helmet and shoulder pads.  We get these back at the end of spring.

Here is some information about purchasing and caring for equipment.


Get Ready for Some Fun!

If you enjoy tackle football, it is going to be a lot of fun!