Weight Training


The goal is to develop muscle strength, muscle endurance, and explosive power.

Time Frame

Now through the end of the season


We recommend 30 minutes weight lifting on Wednesday and Saturday morning.   

Aim for all the major muscle groups.    
Keep moving.  Don't waste time.  Aim for about 8-12 reps.  Try to do 2 sets at each station.  But alternate between several stations so that you can rest the first muscle while working the second.  Workout with a buddy if using free weights or just to help you stay motivated.

  1. Maintain good form and keep the face and neck relaxed.  Don't clench your teeth.
  2. Focus on the muscle group that you are targeting.  Keep the rest of the body relaxed.
  3. Explode when lifting, breathing out.
  4. Lower the weight slowly, breathing in.   
  5. Keep a record.  Always try to increase reps (8-12) or weight at each session.
  6. Stretch before, during, and after.  Remember, to stretch gently. 

Great Video

This is a great Netflix video that outlines a proven set of exercises and principles that will improve every football player's strength, conditioning, and explosive power.  


To allow the muscles to rebuild after tearing them down, you need to get plenty of rest.

Get 8-10 hours of sleep per day.  Go to bed as close to 10 pm as possible.