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Fall Football practice
Varsity/JV starts August 1st
Jr. High starts August 13th

Our basic strategy is to have practice Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  We never have practice Wednesday night.  We will have two Wednesday/Friday morning practices in August at the beginning only.  Probable schedule:


    High school   5 pm to 8 pm**

    Jr. High         4 pm to 6 pm 


High school schedule for pre-season


Day Date Better
Wed 1-Aug 7 AM - 9 AM practice*
Thu 2-Aug PM practice
Fri 3-Aug 7 AM - 9 AM practice
Sat 4-Aug  
Sun 5-Aug  
Mon 6-Aug PM practice (helmets)
Tue 7-Aug PM practice (full pads)
Wed 8-Aug 7 AM - 9 AM practice
Thu 9-Aug PM practice
Fri 10-Aug 7 AM - 9 AM practice
Sat 11-Aug  
Sun 12-Aug  
Mon 13-Aug PM practice
Tue 14-Aug PM practice
Wed 15-Aug  
Thu 16-Aug PM practice
Fri 17-Aug  
Sat 18-Aug Scrimmage with Bell County



* The AM practices are just for the first two weeks in August.  We may also go to some morning practices in November when the clocks change. 

** Our basic practice times in the fall will be Monday/Tuesday/Thursday evenings.  While daylight permits, we will practice in a four hour window.  The JH and HS will overlap.  Currently we plan on having JH 4pm-6pm and HS 5pm-8pm.