Summer Football

This is the 
tentative schedule for our voluntary summer football program.  With the exception of weight lifting challenges, all these activities are open to anyone (on the team or not on the team).  These activities are free and do not require helmet and pads.  Invite your friends!

Below the schedule are some details of what to expect.  But for now, mark your calendars for Monday evenings and Saturday mornings.  We'll send emails when things get cancelled last minute and we'll put something on the home page.  

For insurance purposes we need every minor to print and sign the minor waiver and every adult to print and sign the adult volunteer waiver.  We need one of these every calendar year.

6/17Monday6pm - 8pmUltimate Football
6/18Tuesday7pm - 9 pmWeight Lifting Challenge **
6/22Saturday9am - 11amWeight Lifting Challenge **
6/24Monday6pm - 8pmUltimate Football
6/29Saturday9am - 11amFootball Defense Drills
7/1Monday6pm - 8pmUltimate Football
7/6Saturday9am - 11amFootball Offense Drills (QB skills)
7/8Monday6pm - 8pmUltimate Football
7/13Saturday9am - 11amWeight Lifting Challenge **
7/15Monday6pm - 8pmUltimate Football
7/16Tuesday7pm - 9 pmWeight Lifting Challenge **
7/20Saturday9am - 11amFootball Offense Drills (QB skills)
7/22Monday6pm - 8pmUltimate Football
7/27Saturday9am - 11amFootball Defense Drills
7/29Monday6pm - 8pmUltimate Football
* send me an email for locations  ** Falcon team only

Ultimate Football
This will be fun and will develop endurance, agility, athleticism, and football skills.  It is played just like Ultimate Frisbee but with a football.  Dads are welcome if they can keep up.  If we get more than 16 we'll probably run multiple simultaneous games so everyone gets lots of touches.  Please invite your friends.  Coach John will run this.

Saturday Morning Drills
This is going to be more like work.  Coach Terry has run this for the past two years and it has made a huge impact on our preparedness for the season.  We'll work on footwork, basic skills, and speed.  This is a great opportunity for potential football players to learn some skills and see if they like the team.  Please invite your friends.

Weight Lifting Challenge
Keep logging your weight lifting workouts with the 5 second logger.  Here is a link to the logger.  If you lose your customized link (which fills in your name), send me an email.  If your name is not on the drop down list, send me an email and I'll add you.

We'll have four opportunities to demonstrate where you are on the three main lifts: bench, squat, and dead lift.  We are hoping you'll make it to two challenges.  This will be a great time to get together and see where others are and have some fun.

If you want a refresher on proper form, send me an email and I'll send you the information.  

Questions are always welcome,
Coach Scott
512 965 3978