Off Season Skills Training

Receiver's Weekly Workout

150 catches - 4 times per week

  • 20 thumbs
    • 5 yards a part
    • 10 on each side
    • catch the ball with your thumbs together
    • work on a good tuck and then a good pitch
  • 50 chest passes
    • 8 yards a part
    • chest pass as fast as you can to your partner
    • do not tuck (this is the only time you can skip the tuck)
    • do not play volley ball.  Actually catch the ball, squeeze it, and then toss it back
    • try to throw as fast and as hard as you can and vary the aim so the receiver has to adjust and reach
  • 20 warm-ups 
    • stand 10-15 yards apart facing QB
    • catch with fingers, nose
    • use good hand placement - thumbs together if above the waist
    • watch into the tuck
  • 20 10-yard ins
    • Do not need to run the stem of the route
    • line up about 10 yards down field facing in
    • alternate sides every time
    • take three strong steps up field after catch
  • 20 posts
    • Not too deep
    • Do 10 on the right side and 10 on the left.
  • 20 flies
    • You can start "half way" so you do not have to run as much.
    • Do 10 on the right side and 10 on the left.
    • If you cannot catch these over your head, just go deep and stand there and get used to adjusting to a deep throw
For beginners, shift to more of the easier catches.  Only true catches count.  You must actually catch the ball to count it toward your 200 catches

* When you catch the ball, look the ball into the tuck, tuck it high and tight, take several burst steps toward the end zone.  

QB's Weekly Workout

100 throws - 4 times per week

  • Warm up properly
  • Don't count warm-up throws toward your 100
  • Use good form
  • Focus on one skill for each set of 10 throws
    • Example: 1st 10 focus on high release, 2nd 10 focus on lining up pointers (shoulder, feet, leading elbow)
  • If your arm gets sore and you have eliminated bad form as the cause, reduce number of throws or number of days per week.
This video can help with a warm-up routine and form.

Center's Weekly Workout

150 snaps - 4 times per week
  • 80 snaps to target 6 yards back, 1.5 yards to your left
  • 40 snaps to target 9 yards directly back
  • 30 snaps to target 4 yards back
    • aim small miss small
    • do not count inaccurate snaps
    • as you get better, do something "extra" on each snap.  Examples:
      • bucket step left
      • bucket step right
      • sprint 3 yards and do 1 push up
      • take an angle to block the MLB - stay low 
      • have someone give you a different snap count on each snap
      • practice your silent snap count (vary when you snap up to 1 second after you see the silent snap signal)
    Pitchman's Weekly Workout

    200 pitches - 4 times per week

    • 150 quick pitches
    • 50 full pitches
    quick pitches:
    • stand with your right hip and right shoulder pointing to your target
    • with ball in both hands, top of ball under chin, flip the ball with your right hand
    • Do 100 right handed and 50 left handed
    full pitches:
    • Have someone "snap" you the ball.  It can be an underhand throw.
    • Start pivoting on your left foot (opening your hips by swinging your right foot) as you are receiving the snap
    • Point your toe and your nose at the QB.
    • Pitch the ball with the flipping motion
    • Pivot back to your left on your right foot, stay low
      RB's Weekly Workout

      125 run cuts courses - 4 times per week

      • 50 speed cut
      • 25 pressure step
      • 25 jump cuts
      • 25 slalom run
      • each course consists of 5 cuts (or 5 cones)
      • keep the ball high and tight
      • use this video  to learn how to run these drills

      Blocker's Weekly Workout

      footwork workout - 3 times per week

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