Glorify God and enjoy Him forever


  Play tackle football and cheer
  Build Character
  Bless the home school community

Coaches & Board Members:
All of our coaches give generously of their time without any sort of compensation.  The Board members are volunteers who also put in many hours to serve the Falcon families. We are 100% volunteer football & cheer team.   

When we started the Williamson County Home School Football team we had three goals for the team. 

1.       Play tackle football and cheer

2.       Build character

3.       Bless the home school community

Our first goal is deceptively simple.  We want to provide an opportunity for home school athletes to play tackle football and for home school young ladies to cheer lead.  We design our football program to give as many athletes as possible the chance to play in the game.  While the goal appears simple, it is in fact a challenge because tackle football is one of the more difficult and expensive athletic programs to pull off.   We place a high value on safety by our choice of football equipment, attention to equipment maintenance and sports medicine, and teaching good football techniques.

Our second goal is to help develop character in our athletes and cheer leaders.  Tackle football in particular, and sports in general, provide many opportunities for character building.  Some of the traits we are trying to instill are: self-discipline, mental and physical toughness, courage, perseverance, respect, good sportsmanship, and humility.  We attempt to build on a solid foundation of scripture and prayer rather than on the shifting sand of human philosophy. 

Our third goal is to bless the home school community.  Simply put, we want to provide five home games where home school families and teens can come and have a great time.   In addition to our cheer leaders who bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm, we have had a mascot, face painting, student announcers, and raffles among other things to make the home games entertaining.  Sometimes we even win the game!  While we try our best to promote attendance at our varsity home games, we support and encourage other programs that are also building the home school community.

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