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 Falcons Football

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Vision for Spring Football

Four weeks of learning the basics of tackle football. 

We will host a football tournament at the end of the spring training where athletes will have the opportunity to display their skills in a healthy competition.

 We encourage home school athletes of all skill levels to join as a way to learn if tackle football is a good fit, prepare for fall sports, and  develop life long relationships along the way. 


Jr. High - full pads

Ages 11-14 (as of 9/1/2014 - some 14 year olds may be better suited for the high school program)

Focus will be on footwork and good body position, tackling, blocking, good ball exchange and protection, passing and receiving.

March 10th - April 3rd * Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 4:00-6:30pm

All practices will be at Olson Meadows.  This link will show you the map.

Contact Steve Thomas for more details / stevethomas@drvisioncare.com

At the end of Spring Training all athletes will be cleaning their own helmet and shoulder pads at the Diesing's house.  Please do not attempt to inflate or deflate your helmet.   The cleaning will be done April 9th, assuming that it is a nice sunny day.  We need the helmets and pads to dry before they are stored away.

What to bring to practice

Large water jug filled with water
Equipment found at this page.

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