FOR TAIAO's COVID-19 guidelines, please see the attached file at the bottom of this page. 

For Home Games at Wilco Stadium, the following rules/procedures will apply: 

Dear Parents/fans, Coaches, and Athletes,

Your Falcons leadership has been pouring over COVID-19 protocols since we were faced with them, determined to produce a season for our wonderful next generation, whatever it takes, to have the breath of fresh air that they deserve in all this craziness we live with at this time. As you read, please consider that we are all doing the best we can with what we have to work with, and let's all extend a whole lot of grace all around...

Masks and social distancing. Everyone needs to wear a mask to enter the field and while they're walking about. We will have ample signage reminding people to wear their masks and to keep social distance. 

Separate athletes/coaches/ref entrance and exit. Athletes, coaches, and refs will enter and exit via the wide gate on the home side of the field, or the "food truck gate" (the gate closer to the main circle than the main gate as we enter the park). There will be designated areas on the lawn for each of the five squads: D, MS, and V Cheer, and MS and V Football. Have your athlete look for signage for their tract of land after entering through the "food truck gate." Athletes may not be in the bleachers; they must remain at ground level, to maintain separation from guests/fans. Each squad's coaches should sit with their squads. They may bring lawn chairs, blankets, and tents.

No concession nor food truck. Speaking of the food truck, we will have neither concessions (we haven't in a few years), nor a food truck this year. You are welcome to bring food and drinks in with you.

COVID-19 questions. Before we all enter the field, we will be faced with answering questions about COVID-19 symptoms.

Gate fees. Gate fees will be collected as usual. Square has enabled a link to share so any of the gate workers can process a credit card charge, or you can even process it yourself. Gate fees still are $5/adult, $3/student, and $20/household (immediate family living in the same house). Process your transaction and show your screen at the gate to verify payment. The gate workers will still to count the numbers of people in your parties, and you'll still need to get wristbands.

After paying gate fees. Instead of entering around the back of the bleachers to the steps as we've done for ten years, this year guests will be directed to enter via the ramp. 

Here's where an extra measure of grace may have to kick in...

Entrance onlyHome and visitor bleacher ramps will be entrances only.  Yes, exceptions are for those who physically cannot use the steps.

Exit onlyHome and visitor bleacher steps will be exits only

Restrooms. Please exit the bleacher steps to go to the restrooms, and plan to re-enter the bleachers around back via the ramp. Younger athletes will be escorted by coaches. We may ask fans to wait to use the facilities if athletes are using them, unless there's an urgent need. Remember, we're trying to follow protocols and keep athletes and fans separate. 

Capacities. We have no definite way to control the numbers of people in the bleachers. We have not exceeded 500 guests at a home game yet, the approximate total of 50% capacity between the two bleachers. There are no definite seats, so people randomly leave space between each other. We can't count wristbands because some folks leave after the MS game and come only for the varsity game. We will try to count, but may just have to eye it. At the point we think the home bleachers are 50% full, we will have to divert guests to the visitor side bleachers. We are asking parents of athletes only on MS squads to be willing to move to the visitor bleachers if they'd like to stay for the varsity game; we will make an announcement in that event. Again, grace, please.

No more than 10. Please be conscious to help us keep social groups to no more than 10. Please do not allow co-mingling between fans/family members and athletes. Congregating will especially need to be kept at a minimum on the grassy area between the bleachers and the concession stand/restrooms. 

After the game. Parents, please make arrangements ahead of time to meet your athletes when the game is over, either at your vehicle or by their separate entrance/exit, the "food truck gate." Again, we need to avoid interaction between guests and athletes.

We look forward to our first home game on Friday. We all know how cumbersome these restrictions are. We don't enjoy imposing them ourselves. We have all been living with them for months. We have come together, determined to have a great football season, whatever it takes. Let's stick together and bear these protocols as we've been requested to do. Please be patient as our "opening" night goes on without a dress rehearsal.

Go Falcons!

Craig Horinka, Steve Thomas, Melissa Horinka, and Lauren Viljoen

"Brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things." --Philippians 4:8
Wilco Falcons,
Sep 2, 2020, 3:31 PM