Fall Football

Parents meeting:  Please make every attempt to be at this meeting.  July 9th.  Doors open at 6pm to start signing up for volunteer hours.  Location:  Providence Presbyterian Church, 17712 N Heatherwilde Blvd, Pflugerville, TX 78660

Fall 2018
  • mail to: Craig Horinka     
  • 2301 Dior Drive        
  • Cedar Park, TX 78613

Volunteer hours:
  • Amy Korthals 
  • amykorthals@gmail.com

Equipment fittings:
  • Melissa Horinka 
  • veryblessedmomx3@gmail.com
  • Returning players must bring game pants, navy game jersey and white game jersey for inspection and fitting. If you do not bring to fitting your registration is NOT complete and will be considered late.
Date: July TBD
Times: by appointment
  • Use this link to schedule your appointment.
  • No equipment will be given out or ordered until all "Registration" items are completed.
  • Failure to make this appointment time without prior notification will result in a $75.00 fee per athlete.
Fittings will be done at:

8610 Columbia Falls Drive
Round Rock, TX 78681


    If you are new to the football program and have basic questions about our program, feel free to contact 
    Scott Diesing @ (512) 965-3978   diesing@wilcofootball.org 

    Participation Fee:   TBD

    Steps to join the team:

    More Details:
    • Forms are downloadable.  Follow links below.  Please print out your own forms no copies will be provided.
    1. Attend parents meeting.  July 9th, 6:00pm
    2. Online registration form.   Please fill out as soon as possible.
    3. Make an appointment to get measured for helmet & pads. (Measurements will be done at the Diesing's house).
    4. Sports Physical1 (phys_eval_medical.pdf - allows you to fill in electronically and printDUE 8/1
    5. MAKE COPY AND BRING:  birth certificate
    6. PRINT AND BRING: Medical Consent and Liability Release (Medical Consent Form and Liability Release Agreement.pdf)
    7. PRINT AND BRING: Amateur Athletic Minor Waiver and Release of Liability (all encompassing waiver.pdf)
    8. Equipment Return Agreement (READ - BE AWARE OF THE CHARGES).
    9. Policies and Procedures (READ - DO NOT TURN THIS IN).
    10. Sign up for volunteer hours with Amy.

    Uniform (which you keep) is extra. pants + 2 jerseys @ $40 each comes to $120, xxl & xxxl $55. Returning players can re-use their current uniforms if they pass inspection.    

    Late Fee: If more charges occur for over night shipping on equipment those charges will be paid by the athlete.  (Usually not a problem if you sign up in July)

    The sign up after July 31, 2018, will be accepted depending on the equipment availability and coaches assessments*.  

    * We also have a league mandated cap of 30 players.  So we will fill the roster on a first come first serve basis.   

    Volunteer Hours:

    We treat this program like a co-op.  In order to make it run smoothly, everyone must pitch in.  The rule of thumb for volunteering is 25 hours per athlete for the season (Aug-Nov).  There is a slight break for additional athletes.  For example, a family with two athletes should expect to volunteer 35-40 hours.  The buy out program for volunteer hours is $250.00 for one child and $100 for each additional child in the program.

    After signing up for a job duty you may have something come up that makes it impossible for you to be there.  It will be your responsibility to find a replacement.  A phone/email list will be provided.

    We will ask parents who are consistently unable to fulfill their commitments  in previous years to take the buy-out program.  If you know in advance that you may have difficulty meeting your volunteer hour commitments, please select the buy-out program at registration.

    What You Need to Purchase:

    Here is what you will need to play fall football that you buy yourself:

    In general, these items should last a couple of years and they belong to you. 

    We will supply helmet, shoulder pads. You will return shoulder pads & helmet at the end of football.  

    Here is some information about purchasing and caring for equipment.


     Contact us with questions or comments and check out our Facebook page.